Quality, it’s engrained in our company DNA.  Our name was born with Quality as our focus, where Alpha is the Greek word for “first” and the “Q” stands for Quality, hence our tag line:

”Where Quality Comes First”

Using state of the art equipment, technology and software, Alpha Q assures total Quality Control throughout the planning, production and acceptance cycles.  We are committed to driving our organization to a continuous improvement and zero-defect culture.  Through the use of advanced tools such as Vericut, modeling software, PFEMA’s, SPC, laser scanning capability and more, we are capable of producing the most complex of machined components.  Our Quality department is staffed with highly trained and skilled inspectors, QE’s, technicians and management staff.

Quality Certificate Designations

ISO 9001
AS91000 Rev D
EN9100 Rev C
NACAP General Machining
Flight Safety Certified

Major Inspection Equipment

Hexagon Global EVO CMM’s (2)
Hexagon Global S Chrome CMM (1)
FARO Arm with Blue Light Scanning Capability

CMM Inspection