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Alpha Q, Inc.  Celebrating over 50 years in manufacturing excellence!
Engineering & Technology
Alpha Q, Inc. is the industry leader in the precision machining and manufacturing of magnesium and other light aerospace alloy components. Using the latest in state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing practices, we have built our reputation on providing on-time delivery and exceptional quality for all of the products and services we sell.

Our broad range of aerospace machining services includes ultra-high tolerance milling, grinding, lapping, and secondary machining. Other services include precision inspection and assembly. We work in a variety of aerospace metals, including magnesium, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. All of our components are custom manufactured to exacting customer specifications and blueprints.

Our staff of highly trained engineers is responsible for specifying and creating all of our manufacturing processes. This same team follows every production job from start to finish, working closely with shop personnel to monitor the manufacturing process at each step in the process. In manufacturing we hold diametrical tolerances of +/-.0002” and position tolerances of .001”.

Manufacturing Engineers
Our Manufacturing Engineers are experienced (averaging 20+ years of experience per person), technically competent with “hands on experience” with the machines and processes we perform. Workstations equipped with Solid Works 2010 2D/3D CAD modeling software are used for process development and to create complex 3D parts and assemblies. This software is also used for fixture design, an essential component in maintaining quality. Master Cam version X5 Multi-Axis machining software is used to generate the tool paths for our CNC equipment. Programs are maintained in engineering for revision control and transmitted wirelessly to our CNC equipment.

Our new product development team consists of representatives from the Engineering, Quality, and Manufacturing departments. To ensure a smooth workflow and timely delivery schedule, we also maintain a concurrent engineering interface with customer representatives.

The flow of all parts follows our cellular manufacturing model. The implementation of cellular manufacturing has simplified material flow, management, and improved process lead time. Our production workstations and equipment are arranged in a “Cell Design through Autonomation” layout to ensure the smooth flow of materials through our facility.
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